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The very first thing you need to establish is who your target audience will be.  While your business may have lots of different audiences, each of them buy for different reasons and the first step is having some sort of understanding as to why because it will part of your messaging.

You may have one segment of your audience buy from you because of your pricing, value structure, or because they really want someone they can trust.  It's important to know these things because they will be the value propositions you use in your marketing.

It's like trying to sell a car to a family based on the speed and performance when they are really interested in the safety features of the car.  It makes you look tone deaf to your customer and you lose the opportunity to motivate them to take the next step with you.

The easiest way to get this information is to ask your customers.  Ask after they make a purchase and periodically survey your customers to find out why they became a customer.  Just as important is to survey people who didn't buy from you and learn where you need to make improvements.

Do you know your TARGET AUDIENCE?

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