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How To Increase Website Search Ranking Organically with SEO!

Opening a new business can be overwhelming, there are so many things to take into consideration. Budgeting for your marketing and advertising online will determine how long it will take to generate visitor traffic on your website and a good return for your advertising dollars. So how will you get started obtaining a good, affordable seo price for  your new business marketing budget?

Can you afford to spend thousands of dollars with the big advertising and marketing agencies at first?

Probably not, but there is some good news for the DIY focussed businesses out there. By now, you may have probably heard of SEO, search engine optimization or
search engine marketing.

If you haven't, well this article will be a good resource to start as reference. These days most websites are designed with Wordpress or other do it yourself website builders like Builderall, Weebly or Wix. All of these platforms will make it easy to do SEO yourself, if you know where to start. We recommend
Builderall​​​​​​​! You just can't beat the price.

But where do you start and how does seo work?

To get started on driving more organic traffic to your website, go through your website and add titles and descriptions and alt titles to every image on your website. Make sure it is relative to your service or product you offer.

So for example lets say you are a foot doctor and your office is in Nashville, Tennessee. Go to your websites main index page and add a title and description in the meta data. Be sure you add that information known as meta tags in your website. For example, start off with "Nashville Foot Doctor" in title. Then add your service description, "Foot Doctor in Nashville providing complete care".

Then add the same descriptive information to your images on your website. The more creative and descriptive the keywords that are relative to your product or service the better your website with rank organically on the first page of the google result page for the keywords associated with your service or product.

​​​​​​​Also for each website page make sure you insert the same content that is relative to your business. That part is very important, all the search engines scan each web-page in your website and look for the same keyword that would have been entered into the search criteria from the search engine.

So as long as your meta tags and image names are relative to what online products or services your business offers, it will rank accordingly on popularity of content provided.

I like to think of it as walking into a library and wanting a certain book. Let's say I am looking for a book on engine repair. I'm not going to go to the history area and search for that book, or if I do I won't find it. A good way to start thinking about SEO is writing down your keywords and description phrases that you think your customers will search for your business or product by. Then use those same words for your search titles and descriptions and web-page content.

​​​​​​​This is a seo technique that the professional agencies use. you can apply it and measure  the results. Keep testing your website by searching for the keywords of your website by adding the name of your website in the search. You will notice it will start appearing organically on google or bing for those keywords.

​​​​​​​Of course if you don't have the time to do this, we can help. Contact us for a free seo consultation.